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Bio:The results obtained Start with introductory sentences for each paragraph to tell the reader what question is being tested in the hypotheses mentioned in that paragraph, with the introductory sentence written in bold for emphasis, and sometimes a full sentence and sometimes a short phrase are used, but the same pattern should be used throughout the paper, with any results that will include data with multiple points being critical for the reader to evaluate the hypothesis in tables or figures, but the results should be summarized in the accompanying text and references to any accompanying tables or figures. Tables and Figures All tables atfigures should be placed in a contextual framework in similar text, and the table of results should be summarized in the results section, and any figure that illustrates important information and then described in the discussion section, trying to present the tables, figures, and information in a way that the reader can easily evaluate them. Discussion The discussion is not limited to repeating the results, but rather to explaining the findings and interpretations mentioned in the results section, how the results compare to the expected results, and what other expectations can be drawn from the results
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