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Not understaning what went wrong. I'm new at c++
Errors found at first sight: 1. [code]char ;[/code] in main() (Line 32) 2. #include <sstream> in b...

how can i transfer the dayOfWeek variable to printDayOfBirth?
In addition to keskivertos answer my two cents: I assume there is a global variable '[code]int dayO...

C++17 upgrades you should be using in your code
[quote]If only we could get noobs to stop thinking using the C library [code]rand()/srand()[/code] f...

Good examples for ? :
[quote]However it isn't a general-purpose replacement for if/else.[/quote] Exactly, that's why I'm l...

Good examples for ? :
I'm helping a friend to learn C++. But when it comes to the ?: operator, he's like "what do I need ...