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Bio:Recreational programmer who started learning in 2013. Currently addicted as I learn more and more.
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Movement of Knight in Chess!
I wrote this program a couple of years ago. Perhaps it helps. It calculates the number of paths fr...

Convert from one class to a related class (not typecasting)
I dealt with this issue before. Check this thread of mine:

What's the word for "left or right" ?
Regarding my second question, I've thought of a slightly cleaner implementation (and using the name ...

What's the word for "left or right" ?
->AFAIK there is no one word in English to succinctly express "left or right". Hmmm.... Then there ...

What's the word for "left or right" ?
No. See the above example? It could refer to left and right child. I will also want to make [code...