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Name:Malik Gaston
Bio:"Yeah, that's what you get; fixed you up real good, Angel." Brenda gasped using her tongue to brush against the end of his cock which was hanging right over her face. She used her index finger to scrape his thick milky cum into her mouth, gasping and moaning sensually. The lithe teen diva could feel his perspiration dripping down onto her as she glanced up into his face self-assured. "Fuck Brenda." His massive gut was almost pressing against her face as his wife beater rode up from his position over the small, thin girl. "Apologize." Brenda demanded. "Shit." Angel pulled back stuffing his cock in his pants scraping the door frame as he side stepped into the hallway. He wanted nothing more to do with the spoiled brat, seeking the solace of his chopper. "HEY ANGEL!!" Brenda screamed after him, stumbling into the hallway as he regarded her. "WHAT?!!" She righted herself with some effort coughing up some of his cum before grinning at the criminal enforcer like a jackal. Angel watched as she shimmied out of the loose fitting boy shorts leaving them on the floor before lifting up the jersey revealing her shaved muff. "You can't handle this." Brenda let the jersey drop looking like a dress on her small frame as she used her fingers to make his own gang sign back at the man mountain in open jest. She couldn't help feeling like she'd finally gotten one over on him, breaking into laughter. He closed the distance between them so quick that Brenda was caught off guard shrieking loudly as the extra-large jersey was snatched from her body leaving her pink crew socks, the only bit of clothing on her body. She found herself snatched up off the floor like she weighed nothing held up against the wall looking down at the wild mane of hair covering his head. There was something youthful about his brown eyes that struck her more than the fear of being manhandled. She gritted her teeth not knowing what was coming next before being snatched down as he shoved her bedroom door open with enough force to make it slam heavily into the wall and vibrate from the force alone. Brenda yelped as she flew through the air landing on the bed, nearly crashing into the headboard. She scrambled on the mattress as he yanked on an ankle drawing her narrow butt to the edge of the bed, flailing about until the matching limb was captured. Brand flopped about like a wet fish on land as he turned the girl into a human wishbone sinking his face into her crotch. She gasped feeling his tongue penetrate her snatch while his lips sucked hard against her slit.

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