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Why is 1.1 + 2.2 not equal to 3.3 !!!
If you just want the conclusion skip to the last sentence of this post so here is how real num is r...

Why is 1.1 + 2.2 not equal to 3.3 !!!
ah b/c in computer doing operation on real numbers always cause some rounding. You may not notice t...

help involving loops and strings!
I skim your code but I think you can just reverse the loop at line 37 to [code]for ( int i=length-2...

Filling an array at random locations with 2 of a number
I don't quite get what your problem is but your code doesn't seem to be doing anything useful ? My ...

Is this a bug ?
is this a bug in the compiler ??? this doesn't compile [code] #include <stdio.h> typedef str...