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Name:Hayato Kawajiri
Bio:It tasted wonderful, and I had to have more. I took in his entire cock into my mouth as I grabbed his shaft and worked it down my throat. I sucked him against the inner walls of my cheeks, up and down, in and out. I couldn't believe I had a dick in my mouth! I craved for his cum to shoot down my throat.

I took just a peek over at Mike and Brooke, who was humping her face. He suddenly pulled out and jecked off in her waiting mouth. Cum was shooting into her open mouth, and all over her face.

I felt Ryan's cock start to pulsate and throb. He started humping, and pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel him want to pull out, but I didn't dare let him. Just as I wanted, his load shot into the back of my throat. I thought I was going to gag, but I managed to swallow as fast as he could pump his wad. It wouldn't stop; the more I swallowed, the more I got. I was in heaven, and I couldn't believe it tasted so fucking good. It was sticky, warm, salty, and sweet all at the same time. And I loved that it was my mouth that got him off.

I moaned gluttorally as his cock pumped its last spurt into me. I removed my mouth off his now semi-hard toy. I licked all the cum off his deflating cock. He dropped to his knees, and stuck his tongue down my throat as if he was searching for any remaining cum. I could hear him hum with pleasure as he licked up his load from within me.
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std::async launch::deferred
does it launches the function with seperate thread and joins it as with launch::async ?

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