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Problem with DC_BURSH and SetDCBrushColor?
Bump?.. any help?.. I'm completely stuck on this :( EDIT: tried updating my codeblocks to the lates...

Custom Cursor not working?
[quote]This is creating and assigning to a local variable of the same name, remove the type specifie...

Custom Cursor not working?
[quote]I'm hardly a WinAPI expert, but it looks like you are loading a cursor but never actually doi...

Problem with DC_BURSH and SetDCBrushColor?
So I'm trying to create a Pie Chart in my application. When I use GetStockObject(GRAY_BRUSH) like so...

Custom Cursor not working?
This didn't help. My code now looks like this: [code]#define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN #include <window...

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