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Yet another take on "using namespace std;"
Well for the original code, it uses the local def of sqrt() on VS. With VS, AFAIK the c-library func...

Calculate Sinx in C++
sin(35 degrees) is 0.573576 sin(35 radians) is -0.428182 So sin(35) is [i]never[/i] 0.42. Also, as...

I do not understand "foo.get() = 15" in the code.
.get() returns a ref to x. This is set to 15 which means that x is set to 15. Any change to the valu...

Memory limit
Perhaps something like this which doesn't use stream insertion - but just .put(): [code] #include <...

Tracking User input and Case number user input
[code] #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { float x; int y; cout << "Enter your...