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Time display format
The format returned from ctime() is fixed (www mmm dd hh:mm:ss yyyy). So to just display the time th...

Help with multi dimensional arrays!
[quote]I have been trying to start this assignment for a bit, and just cant seem to do it properly. ...

Pointers to classes and casts
2) You can't always assume this. For instance for virtual classes there is usually a vtable pointer ...

Adding up or down arrow to Listview column headings
W (and L) in windows is for 'Wide-char' which in windows-speak is of underlying type wchar_t which i...

Can't stop my character to fly around when jumping
Simply, there are 3 basic equations: v = u + at s = ut + (1/2)a(t^2) (v^2) = (u^2) + 2as v = final...