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Name:Shrayder XVII
Bio:I'm learning C++ because I want to be a knives master! :D
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if else string & vector
[code] vector<Manager> Managers; string name; cout << "\tEnter new manager name to add: "; ci...

No supposedly output shown
[code] class Vehicle{ string manager; public: Vehicle(string manager) : manager(manager...

Sorting a vector list (need idea)
[code]but won't the output be like James Car1 Car2 Bus1 James Car1 Car2 Bus1 Alex Car3 Bus2 Airpl...

Sorting a vector list (need idea)
hi, i need some ideas to do the sorting for my code below [code] void displaymanager(){ sys...

Erase an element in vector
I want to erase a data in an element of a vector. Attributes in the vector are name, id, salary. ...

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