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Bio:I'm learning C++ because I want to be a knives master! :D
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Linked list. Accessing data in element inside node.
Thanks for the reply. Talking about referencing single node. I've wrote this if it's what you're r...

Linked list. Accessing data in element inside node.
1)[code]In my class Car. I have this ID Model Driver 1 Car John If im using the default pr...

if else string & vector
[code] vector<Manager> Managers; string name; cout << "\tEnter new manager name to add: "; ci...

No supposedly output shown
[code] class Vehicle{ string manager; public: Vehicle(string manager) : manager(manager...

Sorting a vector list (need idea)
[code]but won't the output be like James Car1 Car2 Bus1 James Car1 Car2 Bus1 Alex Car3 Bus2 Airpl...

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