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VGA's Miscellaneous Ouput Register O/E Page effect?
According to the FreeVGA manual (and IBM manual too): [quot]O/E Page -- Odd/Even Page Select "Sele...

Windows 8 SDL RGBA is strange?
I normally use the standard rgba bitmask when using SDL on windows: [code]#if SDL_BYTEORDER == SD...

MID(I) file parser error?
The error gotten: [code]0:00:11:23.3.0000: Error during MID processing! Unexpected EOS? Last command...

MID(I) file parser error?
Second half of the code: [code]byte read_VLV(byte **midi_stream, uint_32 *result) { uint_32 temp = ...

MID(I) file parser error?
I'm making a .MID file parser for testing my MPU emulation (MPU-401 using soundfonts). For some reas...