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Please help me"Printing Elements of Array"
put single quotes '/t'

Please help me"Printing Elements of Array"
[code]cout << c << endl;[/code] instead write [code]cout<<c<<"\t';[/code] endl causes output to g...

Visual C++ ONDRAW()- Flickering/Refreshing images drawn by CDC::setpixel()
[code]for(int y=0; y<=600; y++) { for(int x=0; x<=600; x++) pDC->SetPixel(x,y,RGB(0,255,0)); ...

Pass a vector from a pushbutton in dialog class to ONDRAW () in the view.cpp
I am creating an SDI to plot a picture pixel wise using pDC->setpisel() I have a large 2D vector wh...

Reading a tab separated text file, visual C++ 6 URGENT
When i click the dialog box open and does processing and a 2D vector lies in the dialog pushbutton f...