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Bio:My current (and only) C++ project:

This is a calculator I use in my current work, and is completely experimental. The calculator uses Javascript for displaying math.
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Recommend some advanced Math textbook
I'd recommend you my first real math textbook: Linear Algebra by Gelfand:

Tired of US sanctions against sudanease people
My children are/will be US citizens by birth. [quote]America no longer needs the amount of immigra...

Tired of US sanctions against sudanease people
Mate, sorry to hear that politics is having such a [i]direct[/i] negative effect on your life. Whe...

What do you like and dislike about C++
[quote]Template metaprogramming code can pretty much only be maintained by whoever it is who wrote i...

Neural Network in c++
Are you using the standard library? I am asking because you sound like a person who has experience w...