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Bio:My current (and only) C++ project:


This is a calculator I use in my current work, and is completely experimental. The calculator uses Javascript for displaying math.
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how much to study? :D
I wouldn't say trig is that difficult. Here's how I teach it:

What level of mathematics do you think should be required for a computer science major?
Disclaimer: I teach mathematics (the entire Calc I-III stack, this summer I will even teach for firs...

Microsoft battles piracy... sort of
Well, I haven't used word formulas since 2005. Between 1995 and 2005 word equation editor used to cr...

Microsoft battles piracy... sort of
[quote] MS Office is undisputed so far.[/quote] Unless you are using a little bit of non-trivial ma...

Microsoft battles piracy... sort of
Yes, $5 a month is too high. As a university student, my scholarship for being an A level student ...