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Bio:Like previous chapters, there is no summary to introduce this new chapter. If you want to know the context, please read the previous chapters. Chapter 4 Joy's bathroom break created a pause in the heated action. Heather and Charli sat, snuggled together, at the head of the bed. David sat near Heather. Heather patted David's flaccid cock. "Good job, big guy," she giggled. "Fuck, that was hot!" David responded. "Thank you for that." Heather looked at Austin. "Do you guys do this crazy shit often?" "No," Austin laughed. "No . . . We probably have a bit more naughty fun than most couples, but this . . ." Austin's eyes scanned the four naked people in front of him. "This is a first." Austin looked down at his still hard cock pointing rudely out into the room. "Honestly, I feel a little awkward standing here in a group with my cock looking so . . ." "Delicious?" Charli used his loss for words to interrupt. "Come here. I'll keep him busy until Joy gets out." She gave him the come hither signal. Austin moved to the side of the bed near Charli and she enveloped his hard-on with her mouth. Then pulling back off of him, she said, "Oh my god, the second cock in my mouth tonight and this one tastes like my pussy!" Charli went back to sucking Austin's cock. The door to the bathroom opened and Joy walked out to find her man's cock in Charli's mouth. She walked forward and pressed her naked body against Devin's back. Her hands wrapped around his hard cock. "I'm going to use you up in just a few minutes. You're going to come in my pussy while Austin fucks my ass. That ok?" Devin turned, kissed her hard and moaned his approval of her plan into their kiss. "First, I want to give Austin some of that treatment you received earlier," Joy pulled away and crawled across the bed to put her face near Charli's busily sucking mouth. Charli turned and kissed Joy, letting Joy taste her man on her tongue. The girls broke their kiss and started licking Austin's cock in unison, each taking turns sliding him into their mouths. Austin was in heaven and let them have their way with his well-treated cock. "I like getting sloppy. Do you mind?" Joy asked Charli. "Girl, get as naughty as you want. I'm high on cock. It's all good." Joy began to deepthroat Austin's veiny engorged cock, but stopped swallowing her saliva. She let Austin's cock force her saliva past her lips as she choked on him. Soon, her drool flowed down and dripped from his balls. Joy pulled off occasionally to breathe and let the drool string out from her lips and dangle from her chin.

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