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Name:Dewayne Whittingham
Bio:I went into work with my list of emanate scientists. Before I offered to hire them I thought I'd better check and see if I had the money to do it. Kate had provided me with a list of twenty banks that she said all had the same password - "theFuckcat$". I thought that was hilarious at the time, that Kate had me pegged. I checked each off-shore and foreign bank accounts and each had at least fifty million dollar balances. I called my head of HR into my office. Christine was a Harvard MBA graduate and keeping with my particulars was a knockout. Christine was well put together. She had long dark brown hair with caramel and red highlights. She had such a pretty face and vibrant personality men have had shouting matches over her in bars. Her shape was athletic as one of the perks working for me was a gym and spa paid membership. Her breasts were nice to look at maybe B-C cups that sat firm because of her workouts. She had long strong legs that started at her feet and ended in heaven. At company events and after-hour celebrations we had flirt but she never let me take her home, I was her boss after all. She came around and sat on the edge of my desk. She took in a deep breath and kinda shimmied and her eyes got a dreamy look to them. I've started to notice that my female employees all do that when they are in close proximity to me. Christine's skirt slipped apart showing me the lace tops of her thigh highs. She looked at her open skirt and gave me a bright smile and asked me, "What's Up?" I gave her the list and told her to contact each of the females on this list and offer them a salary they could not refuse. Tell them they could either move to corporate or stay where they lived or relocate to the city of their choice.

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