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C++ reading from .txt file
@cute It doesn't look like your reading the file correctly. Plus, you're not increasing costs at al...

How do you fix having a black screen output to having a white one
@leashbomb69 Here's how I do it in my programs. [code] // Black text on White paper.cpp : main pro...

Roman Numeral Project using classes
@dub1987 Here is a program that takes the roman numeral input, then converts it to decimals. It doe...

Roman Numeral Project using classes
@dub1987 [code] int calculateIntValue() { char numeral[7] = { 'M', 'D', 'C', 'L', 'X', 'V', 'I'}...

1d Arrays in structs
[quote]Can't i just hardcode all the names in at once and just call it with a for loop?[/quote] Yes...