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Having difficulty with assignment!
@Swimmmer [quote]I have to do do but I am having computer issues. Please help me pass this class! T...

String to a float
@JLBorges Thank you. I'm now able to store the double in my struct, and print it out.

String to a float
@JLBorges [code] else if (Fill_Cell[0]>='0' && Fill_Cell[0]<='9' && y_n) { gotoXY(7,45,"Fi...

String to a float
I am challenging myself to write a simplified spreadsheet program. I am able to check for different ...

class members, The loop only prints the last index
@kretosa In the body of main(), change the NUM_EMPS in lines 64, 67, 75, 76, 77, and 82, to index, ...