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what's missing
@Ali Tamim ??? !! You haven't asked a question. But, if you were wondering why the program doesn't...

Please help improve this geometry calculator
@Myna I prefer to use a [code]do { ... }while( choice !=4);[/code] loop. [code] // Geometry Calcul...

Calculate how much calories you burn
@nhikull I compiled an ran ran correctly, for me, though it calculated and showed the total calorie...

can "endl" be changed to end line twice?
@jt1 This works for me.. [code] // Define after #include's //#define endline "\n\n"; // Put as man...

How can I have multiplication table, in txt output?
@spring2014 You're not sending the newline to the saved file, just to screen. Add a [code]outputFil...