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Name:Tyler Boulware
Location:Kansas, United States
Bio:I am a hobbyist programmer currently in my undergrad studies for physics and chemistry!

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Problems with Struct being called from other functions
Looks like the problem is scope. You declare Storage inside the List::set() scope, so that means on...

For every "new", there should be "delete"
Any memory that was allocated (but not deallocated) this way will be essentially "locked". Nothing e...

For every "new", there should be "delete"
Because whenever you use the keyword [code]new[/code] to allocate memory, if you don't corresponding...

If/Else if statements not working with string.
[code]cout << "Highest is " << length << endl;[/code] Why are you outputting length? The variable t...

int *myPointer = 0 (What's the point of this pointer?)
It's a way to initialize a pointer so that it doesn't contain junk (and so you don't try to access m...

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