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How do I let variables change based upon a string entry?
[code]int DEATHDRAKE.mdamage = 35; int DEATHDRAKE.mhealth = 380;[/code] Your use of [code]int[/code...

Teaching C++. Thoughts?
[sub] [i][b]Duoas[/b] wrote:[/i][/sub] [quote]I don't want to discourage you... the project you are ...

Teaching C++. Thoughts?
Hello, While I don't know everything (I would say, not nearly enough) about C++, I've been thinking...

Need help repeating a message after user inputs an integer.
[quote] [code]for(print == 0; print < 10; print++) cout << "message message message\n"; ...

place value of an array
Use string streams. [code]#include <iostream> #include <string> #include <sstream> #include <algori...

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