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Default document folder path
thanks, both are working [code] char* docdir = getenv("USERPROFILE"); if(docdir) { strin...

Default document folder path
Hi, im trying to write a file to a default document folder something like... [code]FILE* file...

regarding NM_RCLICK create popup menu
thank you AHCFan20 [code]int ret = TrackPopupMenu(hMenu, TPM_RETURNCMD | TPM_TOPALIGN | TPM_LEFTAL...

regarding NM_RCLICK create popup menu
[code] GetCursorPos(&p); int iIndex = ListView_GetSelectionMark(hList); hMenu = CreatePopupMenu()...

mix c++ and assembly
i still have the same error on that example (im using VC++ 2008)...thanks anyways guys

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