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Is there a package of standard .h files?
I still end up with this error: In file included from ssh.c:1:0: /usr/local/include/stdio.h:19:20: ...

Is there a package of standard .h files?
I switched to LinuxMint recently and I realized it has GCC already installed. So I decided to brake ...

How do I know what .lib or .a to link?
I guess the title said it all. How do I know when to link a .lib or .a file to dev-c++. I guess my q...

Console within window (How to?)
I am in the middle of building a program to back up information simply by clicking a button. So far ...

How do start windows programming?
I am rather new to programming (some work in PHP, Jquery, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and now C++). With that s...

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