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Bio:looking to become a video game programmer someday.
or becoming a bench tech good with infrastructure of pc already..
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I need help with this .. completely lost.
i have to convert these 2 algorithms to match my files .h and additional .cpp program i just dont un...

1 error and dont know why header inclusion?
Sorry the top part is part of the source code also the top is a txt file or a .h titled automobile.h...

1 error and dont know why header inclusion?
#include <string> using namespace std; #ifndef _Automobile #define _Automobile class Automob...

help still confused
[code]using namespace std; int FutureValue(int initialAmount, int interestRate); { int finalAmount;...

help still confused
// Declarations // num amount // num newAmount // num interestRate // output "Please enter the dolla...

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