Anybody remember who it was?

Handy Andy wrote:
Anybody remember who it was?

I only saw it as a closed account, he only wanted someone to do the work for him.

I don't know...all I saw was the "Do not cross-post" message.

I guess if OP's account got closed, his posts got the boot as well. I had an old account on this forum, I don't recall what it was called– something like Agent 21542– and then I made the mistake of blowing up at some guy about using "namespace std," and my account got closed and all my posts got removed (all three or so).
The OP removed the content of the original posts (making them pointless) and added a post after one of them saying he didn't know it wasn't a 'homework site', asked how he could delete the posts. He then closed his account.

I reported the posts to delete them as the account was already closed, I guess I forgot to let AbstractionAnon know so they could delete their posts before more posts came in.
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