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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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How to merge two makefiles?
I'm not so skilled with makefile and I'm getting some configuration problem in marging two different...
[1 reply] : The complication is that you have different compiler flags for the two... (by kbw)
a.out file
Im not sure about it, but why can not I create two a.out files in the same directory? how to run a.o...
[4 replies] Last: Building off of what others have said, you can compile to foo and to b... (by newbieg)
Pipes and command line arguments not working
HI guys. Wrote an extremely simple program that displays the command line arguments a user types. I...
[4 replies] Last: As far as reassigning stdin and stdout back to the terminal I found th... (by adam2016)
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
Does this error mean that this package nodejs_14.18.0-deb-1nodesource1_amd64.deb is broken and need ...
[4 replies] Last: It would also help if you said what you were doing, ... give some cont... (by kbw)
Perplexity about TTY and PTY
Hello Guys, i'm trying to understand the usage of Pseudoterminal but it's really hard even to explai...
[1 reply] : Yeah, the article doesn't say very much, and is implicitly misleading.... (by kbw)
Do we actually need to put (/) at end of directory path ? ex: 1- cd path/ex 2- cd path/ex/ ...
[4 replies] Last: As said, it depends on the path (file, directory, symlink, ...) and th... (by keskiverto)
Is it ok to delete the tmp files in Linux to speed up the system and clearing cache memory? cd /v...
[7 replies] Last: as I understand here ,it not recomended to delete these files in the ... (by TeleMark)
by colt
Gcc looking for lib dl in the wrong directory during 32bit configure execution.
Hello. I am currently trying to do a 32bit build of Mesa and a Wine build (that requires a lot of 32...
[3 replies] Last: -dl should be in LDFLAGS, you left it out. It should be: CPPFLAGS="-... (by kbw)
Doubt about test constructs with aritmetic operations
Hello guys, i hope you can help me.. Taking for granted the fact that '0' means success and '1' m...
[2 replies] Last: Zero is success, 1 is failure. The result of 1 means failure. That's... (by kbw)
Linux's slow HDR adoption
I've heard several people talk about how HDR, isn't worth it, not enough monitors actually handle it...
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Which/What Application are you missing on Linux?
I have the whole month off in November 2021 and I want to start a new project there. What are your ...
[1 reply] : A decent C++ websocket library based on asio would be nice. (by kbw)
Operator overloading causes cout to not accept string inputs
Hello, I have a program where I made an object called Poly to represent a polynomial. There is also ...
[5 replies] Last: ostream& operator<<(ostream& out, const Poly &aPoly) { out << aPo... (by kbw)
Echoing Weird Variables
Hello guys, i was reading "Quoting variables" from the bash documentation, and i'm stucked on this e...
[2 replies] Last: I wouldn't recommend learning from the ABS (or shellscripting from TLD... (by uplime)
by CandyK
My experience using Linux
I've always been what I thought was a "power user" on Windows, making the flow of it work in my favo...
[2 replies] Last: [quote=CandyK]...That's what I thought it was to be a "power user." [... (by The Grey Wolf)
by CandyK
Thought about Mac?
Longtime Linux user here who, like most of us, is forced to use a Mac for work. Today when I put my ...
[3 replies] Last: all 3 os are stable if you put an expert into fixing whatever is going... (by jonnin)
Libcurl API - Slow performance in Linux for C++ application
I am using libcurl API for connecting with server. I am seeing a slow performance specially while up...
[3 replies] Last: Use tcpdump to capture the run on Linux, then view it in Wireshark. D... (by kbw)
How to get variable to linux command from config file?
Hi everyone. I have a code script that deleting unused logs. I have this function for it. +5 repres...
[9 replies] Last: Thank you for all your answers. I was written my file name wrong... So... (by suslucoder)
Doubt about the usage of ' - ' as redirection operator
Hello guys! I was studying the bash script language and came across this example of ' - ' special ch...
[6 replies] Last: Ok wow, i got it guys! Really thank you! expecially to @kbw, it was a... (by vittorioc98)
by CandyK
Alright, tar and feather me, is the best way to do windows stuff properly just to dual boot?
Currently, I'm running ubuntu as my sole OS. I can fire up a VM if I REALLY need to use photoshop or...
[10 replies] Last: Virtualization is fun to play with, and my college ran virtual window... (by zapshe)
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