gl3w opengl problem

I've been trying to create a template in VS2019 so I don't have to create a new file every time. I've been using the OpenGL Red Book and following the instructions but when I include gl3w.h and add them to the project a lot of unresolved symbols messages appear. Now I know that usually this is due to forgetting to link in the libraries but I'm fairly sure I've done this: I've tried changing the paths, still won't work; I've used #pragma comment to include the library, still not working. I've looked inside each file to see if there are any warning or errors and there are none. Could this be a bug with gl3w, windows 10 or VS 2019 ?
Simply including a needed 3rd party library file to a project/solution isn't all that is needed, you have to include the library's path as well. You can alter your VS 2019 defaults to include the required information.
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