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Bio:Plan your story - if you want to call this outlining, thatâs fine, but you have to put down, on paper, some sort of story thread to follow. Unless, of course, youâre already talking about this sort of thing in your online account. AOC has a mailbox in the auction house GUI (Graphical User Interface); WoWs GUI feels soft and is easy to navigate. Will allow you to make decisions on what to craft at a certain moment from your available recipes, or make shopping lists to get the items you need from the Auction House or other players. Apart from providing the player with unique tailor only items, such as your very own flying carpet, you can also make money in WoW with Tailoring, by using it on its own or along with the Enchanting skill. In this post, weâll show you how you can create a private WoW server for yourself. Last week we discussed how having strictly separated servers can be a disadvantage for World of Warcraft when the server population is falling.

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