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Reading from Input File
[quote]the professor has forbidden us from including the <string> library, so I can't use the >> ope...

include\Term.h|8|note: candidates are: 'constexpr Term::Term(const Term&)'| ???
Happens to everyone! A nice trick when you don't see a mistake is to literally read the code out lou...

HTML table with C++
It doesn't appear to be that old. Was that the compiler that came with Xcode, or did you install it ...

HTML table with C++
C++11 is a decade old at this point. What is your compiler + version? You may be able to set a flag ...

Writing the values on a txt file
Okay, do you know you would write x[0][0] = 1, x[1][0] = 1, etc. to the screen with cout? [code]cout...