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Bio:I need to get some blogging up, and I actually have about 5 things Ive been meaning to write, that is, after the completion of various Sunday morning activities, such as transforming the corn leftover from last night into breakfast and analyzing why I didnt quite replicate my mothers corn fritters. Id read that quote in Richards banner many times, but this morning was the first time I was moved to Google the quote. There are only 30 items on Kerouacs list, so its easier to read than not to read. Obama says that there are times for politics and there are times to rise above politics and do whatâs right, but now is not the time to cancel the debate. Now, you may ask: How come there was cell phone service way up there? We had to wonder if this was a pretty enough place, now, but next to the tower, we saw a wild garden of what I had called living Koosh Balls in a blog post earlier in the day. Would all the political bloggers please take a day to do exactly this?

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