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should i use static constexpr instead #define () and naming convection
[quote]2. How do I know, when I see code: [code] loop (4) { std::cout << "loop " << i+1 << " ";...

C++ Program to Find LCM
[quote]But again - why?? as C++ now has these functions.[/quote] Maybe because it's a good exercise...

Uncomfortable with my BCD Int class
@jonnin, Why would you ever write your table using decimal values? Why not write them in hex (BCD)...

split string S
What is a[i]? What is string[i]? Your code has a vector called [code]arr[/code] which, by its na...

Numbers to Letters
Replace this: [code]if (const int sing {thos % 100}; sing < 20)[/code] with this: [code]const int si...