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std::priority_queue<std::vector> how to reserve space in the internal vector container
there are several techniques here. I have not experimented with any of them (I admit to not caring ...

Not in FIle
Yes its an older format, paint may not like it. I can open the files from the code I made using 'l...

should i use static constexpr instead #define () and naming convection
if you can avoid a macro, avoid it.** There are times when they make sense (debugging macros specif...

Why will my C++ code written in Xcode not compile on other platforms?
valarrays are awesome, but a vector has a direction. Its just the wrong word. I get that you can ...

Troubles with strtok() and char**
also note that arrays are fine too. char stringarray[30][100]; //30 strings, 100 letters each. you...

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