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Bio:There are four primary resources which are opened as the player advances, with Diamonds being the exceptional money. Gold is utilized to train troops, acquisition upgrades for soldiers and also warship capacities, and launch attacks, while the various other 3 are utilized to build and update structures. Structures include resource generators and storage space, defensive actions to defeat attackers, or helpful structures that give a myriad of other features. By updating their head office, gamers can open more options for their base, even more soldiers, as well as greater upgrade levels. Diamonds can be used to accelerate troop training and structure upgrade time.
This base kind is suggested for upper degree players who often deal with Smokey-Warrior/Smokey-Heavy-Warrior and also Smokey-Heavy-Zooka attacks. The HQ is put in the direction of the back, as well as buildings are positioned in a rectangle form through the center of the island. Defenses that excel at handling Zookas are expanded as much as possible. Commonly, a Shock Gun or Lazor Beam is positioned ahead to make opponents utilize even more Smoke Screens otherwise have a number of soldiers taken out as they get in the base and go to the HQ. In combat against an enemy base, the gamer commands a warship that begins with a starting amount of "power", together with landing crafts which house their troops.

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