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Bio:This will be the first T20I match between Zimbabwe and Namibia. Cricket betting with 888sport is straightforward. Once you’ve logged into your account, just select which bets you’d like to add to your betting slip and place your wager down. If they come off, your winnings will enter your account ready for withdrawing or placing on another wager. You’ll find all your favourite cricket bets here, as well as a range of other sports and offerings, including football, darts and more. Trophy/Cup records Cricket is a game that is played at many different levels. From the lower league levels to the provincial cricketer, from those who show promise and are being groomed for greatness, to those that have already achieved that greatness and play for their country, to the players that top the world rankings past and current. It is watched by millions across the globe, either on television or streamed on social media. It is loved and understood by many, and matches are bet on by even more.

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