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Name:Wesly Hickman
Location:Temple Tx
Bio:Well Im 14 and Im into coding the language im currently learning would be C++.I know No other languges because I am still a Beginer right now I can make a simple calculator and thats about it.

LOOKING FOR A TUTOR,Im poor so i can't afford to pay
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Need Help IN C++
Well im in central time so im in school from 7:30am to 3:35pm i don't get home till about 5:00 And i...

Need Help IN C++
No actually not regular I mean in proper Grammar.

Need Help IN C++
Bro i can Type regular if i want to, so please don't Dis me. Not very nice man. and your informatio...

Need Help IN C++
Thank you ima use that but when I learn a little about coding and learn a little code then i will Hi...

Need Help IN C++
Dicrols I would But i really wouldnt be any help cuz i litteraly Know nothing and I have a Book But...