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Good IDE windows-8
While going 64-bit is great and everything, you dont HAVE to use CodeBlocks with Mingw-64. Some peo...

Instantiating a global object?
Hello nano551, sorry to jump in, but isnt that a struct you are creating? how do you instantiate tha...

Cannot access public constant member variable in main
I had to try this for myself, and yep you guys are right, thats a pointer. All pointer rules apply ...

URGENT: C++ array file mess, I don't know what I did wrong, please help!
Hello Sylevane, When you compile your program, what errors are you getting? you shouldnt expect us...

Can you help me to solve the problem in 315th line pleasee
hello compp, ok, if you cant resolve your compiler, you might try getting a different compiler, sor...

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