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Bio:I'm a telecommunication's engeneer degreed from Pisa University and currently I'm working in the research and developement of software for simulators, analysis and quality control of satellite syntetic aperture radar image systems; I do all of my job making use of Matlab. I only had an exam in c++ during my first university year, so many years ago, and now I would like to better learn C++ in order to become a great c++ order to increase my job opportunities of careers. I also would like to learn programming C++ games (of course this last wish is just for fun!...but I really wolud like to program games too, out of job ;-) )
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In which order should I read those C++ books
So, eventually I think I will read my books in the following order: 1. Accelerated C++ (plus exerci...

In which order should I read those C++ books
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In which order should I read those C++ books
Hello to everyone, I've just registered to the forum (to see my "story", please, look at my profile)...

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