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Name:Marc R
Location:New Jersey
Bio:I started programming in mid 2011, however I have always been fascinated with computers and their sciences alike. I would say I'm decently proficient in C++ (took VB but who care about that) and I am currently taking an course in AP Java.

I started learning C++ because I hated VB, the introduction to programming class I originally took.
I have since starting up from sites such as this one (mostly this one) gone on to test myself but programming a text based RPG. Looking up, thinking (a little copy paste here and there), reapplying what I have learned.

I made a Wiki for it! It's an 'ight game but it needs a lot of love. (didn't know what prototypes were when I made it and haven't gotten around to update it recently)

to see what I've done.

I'm part of a FIRST Robotics team and I'm in charge of the website and media-esque things.
@frc1089 on twitter
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help with this sort of problem i dont understand what they want
You need to [code] #include <iomanip> [/code] to use [code] setw(int)[/code] [code] int number; ...

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