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Name:Nanami Kohana
Bio:I am an experienced programmer who have deep experience in C++. I benefited from self-studying C++ and developing many grand C++ projects for a long period of time, gaining a significant amount of valuable experience in the process. You can choose to hire me for C++ programming services or tutoring services, and I am ready to face any challenges.

I am available at almost everytime so you can feel free to inbox me. My email address is

I am able to develop games that give good impression (Console and 2D games). I was able to develop a C++ intepreter by myself, the interpreter works well to some extent but it was to improve my C++ experience vastly. I understand what is needed and important to learn for a programmer.

I also know about web development to the decent extent. That includes JavaScript, Html, PHP, React and mySQL. I am still learning but I think overall my skills are pretty good.

I like anime and like reading manga. It is always good to take a break and relax after some time after work and enjoy the ultimate way of entertainment.
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