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Name:Eddie Scholl
Location:Monroeville, PA
Bio:Name: Eddie Scholl
Age: 19
School: Grad of Gateway High and Forbes Road CTC.
In CCAC Boyce College.
Level Of Coding: Between Beginner and Moderate
EX: Good Understanding OF If statements,
HTML, Coding Basic, Functions, Math,
Visual Basic and a little JAVA.
Adopted at age 9 Lived with family for 10 years now in JobCoprs and Going to CCAC For Software Development.
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Coding an OS (stupid topic But give it a chance)
Hey, yes I have don't really like how it works but I like some features in it but I'm a windows fan ...

how to use my programming skills to make a game engine
I know how to code its just using that knowledge to build something I learned how to code on my own ...

Coding an OS (stupid topic But give it a chance)
I am going to try to make a os from scratch (I know you laughing in your head) Well i wanted to know...

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