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Accessing pointed-to value in a struct vector of pointers
Irrlicht uses it's own types called "dimension3df" - I'm not sure if looking into this will help you...

A quick question around enumerations
Hi, Let's say I have a "Weapon" class, which stores the weapon "Type" as an enumeration. As I in...

how to generate 3 random numbers between 1 and 6 using a function called generate_rand
There was a space between # and include, so the Operand error was due to the include not actually ha...

Link-List with Nested Classes
Nevermind people I'll RTFM. Just done a bit more reading online about nested classes and I feel like...

Link-List with Nested Classes
Hi, I asked for help on the forum earlier, I have since solved the original issue. I need a l...

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