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winsock bind fails (WSAENOTSOCK)
It is working now. I have no idea why. There was a Windows Update running in the background and the ...

winsock bind fails (WSAENOTSOCK)
This is ridiculous. This code fails always with WSAENOTSOCK at bind on my computer. Running on Windo...

winsock bind fails (WSAENOTSOCK)
[code] WSADATA wsaData; SOCKET userSocket; sockaddr_in userPort; int errorNumber; errorNumber = WSA...

winsock bind fails (WSAENOTSOCK)
Hey guys, i have a problem with winsock udp sockets. This the part of the code that fails. [c...

Winsock2 Threads blocking each other
yes i know that winsock is not thread safe. that's why i use two different sockets and ports for the...

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