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tic tac toe array function problem
Inserting those lines causes it to end after the first player selects so it doesn't work

tic tac toe array function problem
So I am testing the winOrTie function which should return false when a player has won or there is a ...

Weather array infile program
My instructor said I need to build a 3 by 30 array holding weatherStatus and this wouldn't work. I a...

2D array read from file help
I am supposed to build a 3 by 30 2D array from this data, the first column is months 6-8, the second...

Weather array infile program
I have a file that has weather data in 3 columns and 90 rows: 6 1 C 6 2 S 6 3 R 6 4 R 6 5 C 6 ...

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