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Name:Michel Chassey
Location:Quebec, Canada
Bio:I am a retired person of the male persuation. I use computers as a hobby. I study C++ and play games. French is my first language which could explain some odd phrasing in my posts.
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make and -std=c++11
I modified the CXXFLAGS line like this : CXXFLAGS += -std=c++17 -MT $@ -MP -MMD -MF $(@:.o=.d)\ -pe...

make and -std=c++11
Hello everyone, right now I compile with the below makefile : CXX=g++-7 CXXFLAGS += -std=c++17 -MT ...

Defining a constant
you can read up about them. "Read on" TheIdeasMan says "Read on..." :) Michel Chassey

Defining a constant
Hello, From what is said here, macros are bad. I would be writing functions instead of macros. More...

Defining a constant
What is the recommanded procedure ? From my "reading" : [code] const int UNSET { 0 }; or #defin...