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help with class program
For line 53, it should be [code]bool Circle::containsPoint(double xValue, double yValue)[/code]. An...

Problem with "=" operator in a problem regarding classes
Hi, for your [code]void Rational::addition(Rational d)[/code] function, is a void. So it does not re...

Displaying Highest Value in Array Help
To remove that error, simply remove ';' at [code]int maxElement(int a[],int size); [/code]. But af...

Trouble with my assignment
Hi :) For you [code]char menu[/code], is a function that requires to return a [code]char[/code]. So ...

Can someone explain this?
For the for loop, it will first start from i = 9, output the array [code]nums[/code] at position 9. ...