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Simple C++ Question. Doesn't make any sense
That was the problem. The directions weren't very specific that they gave me were they? lol. Thanks ...

Simple C++ Question. Doesn't make any sense
TheIdeasMan, Thank you for your time. Are you saying I need to say something like; [code] double l...

code problem
I think it's because your ifs aren't written correctly, then again I may be wrong. BUT I know this w...

code problem
Why aren't you using this logic? [code] if (input == V) { v = (4/3) * (Pi) * pow(r, 3.0) [/cod...

I need a program that will....just read and youll see.
All I know of is writing one HUGE if/else and then [b]IF [/b]they select [b]2[/b], they can 'Contac...

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