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Non blocking message box?
[code] #include<windows.h> #include<stdio.h> int int_AppRunning = 1; LRESULT CALLBACK Our...

VC++ OpenGL "glut32.dll" not found
I am trying to run a simple OpenGL program as a "C++ Win32 console application". I have a folder wi...

.Net FrameWork?
In googling C++ vs. C# I've come across this interesting discussion several times, might be of inter...

operator+ cannot take ref parameter?
Thanks [b]Duoas [/b]and thanks [b]Disch[/b]. BTW [b]Disch [/b]the reason I was using mc1.operator...

operator+ cannot take ref parameter?
So it is to keep the overloaded operator from behaving too much differently than the original versio...