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maths inside a torus (donut)
@helios My God you're right... I just figured that out... Thanks again for the input guys, @heli...

maths inside a torus (donut)
@IdeasMan [quote]This is more concisely written with the ternary operator: [code] const double prec...

maths inside a torus (donut)
OK! Thanks to TheIdeasMan I've fixed the floats in the for-loops problem, and it's working magnifice...

maths inside a torus (donut)
I tried long double because I would get -7.9 instead of the two -8 I get in the output, with ordinar...

maths inside a torus (donut)
Hi! I'm trying to verify if I have the correct formula to determine whether a (x,y,z) coordinate is ...