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Would it be too much to be taking Calc III, Linear Algebra, ODE in the same semester?
Next semester, I am doing the same thing- Calc III, Linear Algebra, and Discrete Mathematics. Mind y...

Unusual activities for a programmer
Let's see... Piano, video games, and a lot of math. [i]Weird[/i] math. Not the stuff you'd need for...

sleep deprivation
As far as I can tell, trying to deprive yourself of sleep to that much of an extreme (not 36 hours, ...

Why do you think some people resort to cheating on tests?
Computergeek01, may I recommend that you read Toni Morrison's [i]Song of Solomon[/i]? Now, the book ...

Codes runs once but not a second time
Well, you actually don't need to make your own sqrt function. If you add #include <cmath> to the hea...

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