XML Data Binding Tool for C++

XmlPlus is an open-source tool which provides "simple to use" C++ XML data binding. The source when built into a library and a binary(viz. xsd2cpp).

The xsd2cpp binary when invoked on an [input].xsd, generates:
* the C++ XML Objects ie. C++ implementation/headers mapped for XML-Schema components. These XML Objects are used for XML I/O ie Serialization and Deserialization. An application would build generated source and link to the XmlPlus library.
* a main.cpp file: provided to show several utilities around the generated source and how an application could consume it
* the automake/autoconf files for building the generated source

The main.cpp file is built into a [input]run binary for an [input].xsd input, which can be used to:
- generate sample xml documents
- validate an instance xml document against the Schema: [input].xsd
- generate populated instance xml document, if you write code in the template function inside main.cpp to populate the Document
- option to roundtrip(Deserialization -> Serialization). Roundtrip retains not just elements and attributes but also processing-instructions and comments

Currently Supported Encodings:
* UTF-8
* ISO-8859-1

XmlPlus documentation and download link:

Other links to this project:
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