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Welcome -- read before posting!
Welcome to the beginner's forum in! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic relate...
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Console Closing Down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Hi, i am new to C++ and have just written my "Hello World" program. It worked all right but the cons...
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base class undefined
I'm try to use inheritance here where the "started" class is the parent and as I made the "BeginJour...
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by alexas
Rotate a 3D rectangle in z axis in C++ when rectangle is described with arrays
I am learning C++. I need a simple example of how rotation can be done (probably using rotation matr...
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member function "Quest::PlayQuest" may not be redeclared outside its class
Thanks for any guidance, Terribly sorry in advance if things look messy or bulky. I'm trying to i...
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Compiler allowing allocation of memory to a garbage pointer index
This is a program of jagged array. #include<iostream> using namespace std; void display(int...
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Program crashes when trying to initiate a thread in while loop
I want to create a new thread inside a while loop but it makes the program instantly crash on start....
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Range Based For - Out of Range Error
OK, I'm working my way through a Udemy course. The instructor has just covered range based for loops...
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by YodaD
Output char into square
Write your question here. I am trying to output a square that is the same height and length as the u...
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Converting String to Char
Hello, the code below works but if I remove the " // " to make it no longer a comment and replace th...
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Bit shifting question
Hey guys I'm reading a book on algorithms and the author illustrates a simple hash function this h...
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Fastest algorithm to conditional search within two large text files
Hi experts, I want to compare the contents within two large text files: i.e. In file A (n li...
[10 replies] Last: and, you may be able to cut the binary search down to a O(1) lookup if... (by jonnin)
by momof4
how to get a random negative number?
I'm working on a game, the screen goes from -200 to 200, and I need stuff to appear anywhere on it. ...
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by F95
Need help with a random number generator
Need this program to generate a random number that is then modulated. If the modulus produces a 0, t...
[4 replies] Last: Hello F95, For the most part most of this is unchanged from what you ... (by Handy Andy)
by F95
C++ Word search in randomly created list
Need to create a program that creates a Library that is 1024 lines deep and a Recent_List that is 12...
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by Bopaki
Why is it that I get a stray error \302 on every line of code
Each time I copy code from the internet I get these errors // C++ Program to find smallest and...
[7 replies] Last: Thank you to all!!! I basically had to re-type the whole program befor... (by Bopaki)
Can anyone help me finding the Time Complexity of these two algorithms?
Here are the two algorithms, sum = 0; for( i=1; i<n; i++ ) for( j=0; j<i*n; j++ ) ...
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How can I initialize this array at compile time in the constructor?
Here is a simplified version of the code I am having an issue with: constexpr NUMLABS = 8; //Shou...
[13 replies] Last: Seems like an array of some union-like class type (e.g. std::optional... (by mbozzi)
access variable by pressing address
Hello , I wanna use Instance w to access _x by pressing address (OlMain->vref->_x=10;) through ui_Ma...
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File Filter Assignment
I need help with this assignment. I know pure basics cin, cout, type stuff. I don't know this advanc...
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