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Welcome -- read before posting!
Welcome to the beginner's forum in! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic relate...
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Console Closing Down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Hi, i am new to C++ and have just written my "Hello World" program. It worked all right but the cons...
[120 replies] Last: It displayed "Hello world" after you pressed Enter. int c is a ... (by Duthomhas)
Declaring 2d array as argument of function in .h file.
Hi! How can I declare a function prototype in .h file that receives a 2d array with variable dime...
[6 replies] Last: constants work fine, so long as they are of a fixed size and you won't... (by jonnin)
by hbcpp
Building C++ libraries/Sdk's
I am trying to create a program that takes a local file and upload to a cloud account. So far I h...
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Struct issues
I keep getting errors with my 'bidInfo getBid()' function. Which is part of a struct. The point of t...
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Explicit destructor call ==> program freeze
Hi all. I am using Bucky's C++ tutorials on YouTube at: (
[9 replies] Last: Hey guys, I'm a C and Perl programmer; some habits are hard to to shak... (by jakesalomon)
TAN Function
I am having great difficulty in getting my program to trig functions such as tan. I have tried chan...
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by GolBer
Building during runtime
I have used the ensuing structure to avoid lag. How may it be improved, delay still occurs void H...
[7 replies] Last: @GolBer, It would not suspect engine design, cocos2d-x is widely tru... (by Niccolo)
trim vowels
This program should take a word as an input, get rid of the vowels and if there are two like conson...
[18 replies] Last: Btw, when you wrote: "the for loop should be",you didn't change that ... (by dhayden)
C++ Questions
Hello All, Can anyone attach the list of C++ interview questions? I am preparing myself for an upcom...
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Birthdate program using the MM-DD-YYYY
Hi! how do I remove the "-" sign when I run my output? We were told to create a program using the sw...
[7 replies] Last: It will work if there are no spaces between the minus sign and the num... (by JLBorges)
Can someone make a code for this please? I just want to know how to remove the dash sign on my output
Using Switch selector, create a program that will ask the user to enter an integer format of his/her...
[4 replies] Last: Didn't you already do this ? (by salem c)
Ticker class usage inside of while loop
I'm trying to program a sequence using 3 LEDs, using the ticker class to call the function which lig...
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by ivy414
Can you help me write program- auto pick up lotto numbers?
Hi, I would like to run a program that auto pick up 5 numbers from 45 (1 to 45), no duplicate number...
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by frza45
Converting int to string with to_string
I'm basically just practicing classes right now. I am trying to write a program that just holds some...
[16 replies] Last: One of your problems is that you have defined phoneNum as an int inste... (by markcowell23)
Morse Code encrypt & decrypt C++
These are the list of problems I am facing- 1. Will the forloop work? 2. And the "<<decode" gives ...
[3 replies] Last: on the grounds you would be unwise to turn this in without being able ... (by jonnin)
by sohui
error : unterminated #ifndef
Hey, umm I'm a beginner at c++ and have no idea why this error is happening :( error : unterminated...
[3 replies] Last: I was able to run code without errors and didn't edit the files. Maybe... (by rjphares)
Can any one tell me the approach of the following question? Stuart is playing a game of strings wit...
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""Real"" length of a string
Write your question here. My program shows the string, which is edited in the statusbar (path + f...
[10 replies] Last: Thanks a lot guys, it is solved. Use the function: GetTextExtentPoint... (by clamicun)
by Ch1156
File parsing help
I am trying to get this file program to parse my text from my file but im having a little trouble. I...
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