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Welcome -- read before posting!
Welcome to the beginner's forum in! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic relate...
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Console Closing Down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Hi, i am new to C++ and have just written my "Hello World" program. It worked all right but the cons...
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what does the setprecision() function actually do?
I understand that the setprecision() function rounds off floating point numbers but why is the answe...
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Pointers inside class
Do you think I added the deconstructor, operator = and copy constructor correctly? #include <i...
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Why isn't this simple program working?
This is a relatively simple program thats supposed to list all the perfect numbers up to 500, along ...
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Program tweeking with arrays
What it does is ask the user to put numbers and then it will take the average. Hey so i was wonde...
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Can someone help me fix this code?
I'm supposed to write a program that tests the “randomness” of the C++ random number generator. ...
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Could someone help me with this problem? (1,2)
I have a problem where eight queens are to be placed on an 8x8 chessboard in such a way that no quee...
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Help with Maze Game Assignment
Hello, I'm trying to get started on a Maze game assignment and I want to make sure I'm setting up my...
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rocket performance table
how do I get my program to print out a table showing the rockets altitude and velocity for each 0.1 ...
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How can i use getters and setters with math? (1,2,3)
I have a function in a game i'm working on that is the shop function and I need to do some math for ...
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Function Operators
I have some questions about a homework assignment. If someone could help me answer these questions,...
[7 replies] Last: For #2 it is line 13. operator= For #3,4 though it's about the , not ... (by fun2code)
Summing column and row values.
I was wondering if I could receive some assistance with this problem? I am having an issue in return...
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by alexBB
Assigning values to complex numbers
I am an occasional C++ user mostly doing gfortran. Now I have to harness an FFT c++ module. So I wri...
[1 reply] : Are you trying to use the C++ complex numbers library? http://www.cplu... (by fun2code)
input only roman numerals
how do i program so that the user can only input roman Numerals(MXXL) #include <iostream> ...
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Application of fibo function!
How much time would it take to fibo function to calculate fibo (100)? Why? and thank you in advance...
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Read character to int without crashing
In C, is there a relatively simple way of stopping a program from crashing if a character value is e...
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by slappy
Recursive method that calculates a^b
Hey everyone! First time poster here. I need some help with a exercise I found in a test. The que...
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by dagurr
Calendar Project (easy fix) (Slight error)
This works perfectly the only problem is the offset 6 is wrong and displays it not like it should. c...
[1 reply] : I found several problems in the displayTable function. I'm not sure wh... (by fun2code)
What are these error codes on my prime test??
Hello all. I am currently learning C++ in college, and I need help with an assignment. I've been stu...
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