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Welcome -- read before posting!
Welcome to the beginner's forum in! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic relate...
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Console Closing Down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Hi, i am new to C++ and have just written my "Hello World" program. It worked all right but the cons...
[120 replies] Last: It displayed "Hello world" after you pressed Enter. int c is a ... (by Duthomhas)
by hbcpp
Implementing std::list emplace method( setting tail node to point to the right location) (1,2)
I am trying to implement std::list in C++. I have began by implementing one constructor (initiali...
[20 replies] Last: First of all, your operator-- returns a reference, and thus you are re... (by TheToaster)
Unexpected results from calculating matrix addition using overloaded + and - operator functions within classes
Hello, I am testing the overloaded + and operator and get some strange output in this form. I sh...
[2 replies] Last: Also, in your - (minus) operator logic, you never use the class's Arr.... (by Ganado)
Please solve this problem
I need help to solve this problem: Assume you are asked to create a database for Train Station Sy...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you all. I need some help to do function and array code in this ... (by hanysama)
Resources for socket programming and low level programming in Windows
Hello Members, About: I am a beginner in programming. I learnt most of the things by reading boo...
[4 replies] Last: So, I want to learn the layers, workings, etc. So basically just gene... (by helios)
Simple Inheritance
Hello, I want to implement a simple OOP program. Could you please check my program? I use a good s...
[4 replies] Last: Better to create a class Patient that inherits from Person and has a h... (by Thomas1965)
printing invalid email entries
Hi everyone, Currently working on the last piece of a project for school and I am stuck on how to...
[2 replies] Last: Is ".aaaf@bbb" a valid email address? According to the instructions ... (by Thomas1965)
by Utku
Pure virtual function, inheritance and call by reference from inherited vitrual function
Hello all. I am implementing a move() method in a Car class. This Car class is inherited from a Vehi...
[4 replies] Last: Utko, if x==0 and y==0 upon entry, the car won't move. There are many ... (by dhayden)
How can I fix these memory access violations?
Hello Currently I am making a piece of code to perform some some matrix maths. I keep getting acc...
[12 replies] Last: Awesome! That has solved the issue. (by Shishykish)
Itinerary Code
I am working on replit and is giving me this error message:  clang++-7 -pthread -std=c++17 -o ...
[5 replies] Last: Of course it needs to be in a function. If it wasn't in a function, h... (by MikeyBoy)
std::async launch::deferred
does it launches the function with seperate thread and joins it as with launch::async ?
[3 replies] Last: That seems to only be the case when std::launch::async is used. (by Peter87)
How to compile a DLL ?
Hey guys I'm working with simulations in Ansys (AQWA) and I'm having trouble compiling a dll that w...
[4 replies] Last: Another option is to use module-definitions files: https://www.tutoria... (by Thomas1965)
Opinions on best ways to draw a "playing field" (First stage of a simple console game).
Hi there, i usually write too much, so I'll try to summarize everything here and paste my code: I...
[4 replies] Last: i like doing tricky stuff like this bc i got sick of output constantly... (by markyrocks)
Save linked list in binary file
So what I'm trying to do is to save a linked list, like the one bellow, in a binary file so in case ...
[2 replies] Last: If you added a save method that looks a lot like the display, except i... (by kbw)
by annw3y
ReferenceCounter c++
I have class SmartPointer, Date and ReferenceCounter. I have task: To be able to check the value of ...
[4 replies] Last: class ReferenceCount adds no value over int. In fact, it's buggy beca... (by dhayden)
error being received - ++ no operator matches these operands operand types are: DegreeType == const char [9]
I'm working on a project for class and was hoping someone could help me figure this out. I am receiv...
[1 reply] : Please post the declaration of class DegreeType. (by dhayden)
by Mif
Problem with the text box..
Well I solved the problem with the output text and change the static to an edit read only text box. ...
[3 replies] Last: Hmmm the edit control that is set to disabled or Read only they send t... (by Mif)
by Mif
How to set text to a static from a .txt file
Part from my code: . . void LoadFileInResource(int name, int type, DWORD& size, const char*&...
[10 replies] Last: You are very welcome. (by Thomas1965)
Relation template
Hi, I have to make a template class that describes Binary Relation between elements of type T and el...
[2 replies] Last: something like this gives you a path to figure out what the type is ... (by markyrocks)
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