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Welcome -- read before posting!
Welcome to the beginner's forum in! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic relate...
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Console Closing Down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Hi, i am new to C++ and have just written my "Hello World" program. It worked all right but the cons...
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by RahRah
how do i call cout statements to appear in a student report
I would like the results or output in void codesymbol and results in passfail to show in void print ...
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by Lilil
Help with arrays.
Hello, I have asked a similar question earlier but I was seeing if this code is right or not. Seeing...
[1 reply] : Why are you returning ... from main() ... on line 19? Why are you sta... (by lastchance)
Need help with Input/Output/Functions
Hi! I've recently started my Program Structure & Design class and my class has been learning how to ...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <string> std::string get_string( std::s... (by JLBorges)
random CSV file generator
I'm working on a project that will generate a random CSV file given some specifications (in main()) ...
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try and catch exception.
I am trying to do a try and catch, but I keep on getting an error for some reason. The error I am ge...
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Guess number 1-500
Can anyone tell me where I went wrong? One error code says i can use the "break" because it's not in...
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Recreating a Function to Reflect Passing Two Arrays
Hello, I have an assignment for my Intermediate C++ programming class that is coming due very soo...
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by nearc
doubly Linked list print
I have no idea why this code doesn't print backwards. If I create list with these numbers 12345. no...
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Parallel Arrays
Hello...questions are below :) #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; ...
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Trivia Program Project
Hello, I am very, very new to programming (as in I just started my very first class on the topic 2 w...
[1 reply] : Just looking for any hints you might have on how I can start. (by zfighter18)
Binomial Distribution with a coin flip
Hello! I am needing some help with figuring out how to write this code. I know this is a homework as...
[2 replies] Last: Yes, sorry I mean to access the element of the array. Yes I do know th... (by residentevil35)
Assertion failure
Hey again, Been awhile since I posted here but I am back again with another question. I have an ass...
[8 replies] Last: I see, so it is giving me a remainder of 0. I will try to figure out h... (by talemache)
Holding NUL char
Hello again guys So what I'm trying to achieve is next: - Read file for certain number of bytes ...
[1 reply] : strlen reads the string until it reaches null. You should put the siz... (by poteto)
by fedegp
Vector of objects with different member functions?
Hi all, I'm writing here because I have a problem with objects with different member functions. #i...
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by DellXT
Compiler errors
I've downloaded coniow files and the compiler still shows some errors in the code. I guess it's abou...
[2 replies] Last: Hello DellXT, I did get the program to run to a point. The first scre... (by Handy Andy)
Machine Problem for school activity
Write your question here. Greetings! I am student taking up a course in c++ programming, and i hav...
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How do I get the rows and colums to show specific values (not part of calculation)
Hi guys! New to the forums here. I am working on a C++ project and have been stuck on two parts: ...
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Fibonacci number
Write a program that will display the nth Fibonacci number. Create a function that will generate the...
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