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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the jobs forum in! In this forum, recruiters can post job offers for free. Ple...
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Big Data Engineer
Have you been searching for a great professional development opportunity in the Business Intelligenc...
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BAE Systems seeks a Software Development Engineer to join their team in Cowes, Isle Of Wight, UK!
Would you like to get involved in the software development aspects of multifunction radar design? We...
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Immediate joining for C++ 2+ years Experience
Hi, We are a Product development company in field of Finance and looking for experienced candidat...
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Quick and easy 50$!!!
Hello, I have experience in Test against the clock, other students. I have 7 years experience in C +...
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C++ Software Developers available to relocate in Germany
The ideal candidate is: - an expert in C++ programming; - fluent in German OR English; - willing...
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Freelance Web Designer in Hyderabad,Kerala,Banglore,India,Vijayawada,Australia
Hi, im a Freelance Web developer based in Hyderabad specialising in high quality, affordable Website...
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by Corum
Hiring a C++ developer [consistent work] (GAME project)
I'm looking for a developer who can provide clean work to my game project. Income from project has ...
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List of most used C++ application in collages
Any help? I would want to know the most used applications in schools built with C++ language. The ...
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Intrested in helping a new site?
Its called digital rap, Need mods and devs if anyone is intrested in the project at all. http://d...
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Looking for guidance
Hi, I am looking to break into the C++ job market. I come from a business studies degree, I am curr...
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I have a job?
im looking for someone to build me a code that can be compiled into a Intel HEX format; suitable for...
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Software Engineer - Ireland *relocators welcome*
iDirect, a subsidiary of VT Systems, is transforming the way the world gets and stays connected. The...
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Software Engineering Portfolio?
I am currently in college and planing on applying for internships at different companies for the sum...
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by noaboa
Hi, I'm starting my career as a leader and want you to help me. I will find work for you and you wil...
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Medical Imaging Scientist (Algorithm C++)
Location: Florida, U.S.A Salary: Based on Experience One position for a client company and the de...
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by AlexKr
C++ developers team is looking for projects
Hello! C++ developers team is looking for interesting projects of any complexity. More than 10...
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C++ code developer
Looking are looking to improve and expand an existing software that was written using TCAD for VCL f...
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by Wpgn
LF a developer to help convert or update src
Hello All, I have a lot of out dated Visual C++ 4.0 source files that I wish to be updated to latest...
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