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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the jobs forum in! In this forum, recruiters can post job offers for free. Ple...
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Looking for artist
Hello all! I am currently rewriting my website ( and am looking for someone ...
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[Vietnam] Looking for Senior DBA
Location: HCMC, Vietnam - Full-time Opened on: July 08, 2014 Experience in design and work...
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Need NtOpenProcess / QuerySystemInformation app making
hi, looking to hire someone who can create a console app that hooks NtOpenProcess and QuerySyste...
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Experienced C++ Developer Position at a Chicago Proprietary Trading Company Careers->Trade Software Engineer
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Looking for smart developers
If ( yourSmartness > averageSmartness && // you are smarter than average -INF < yourIntere...
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Form Designer for a small project
In my Qt project there are about 5 forms that have to be filled in a sequential manner by the user. ...
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Full-time High School Programming Teacher - Alabama
I'm a former chemical engineer that is now teaching engineering to high school students at a public ...
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Looking for tutors.
Looking for tutors.Looking for tutors.Looking for tutors.Looking for tutors.Looking for tutors.Looki...
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[Viet Nam] Looking for Engineering Manager
Job Summary: Engineering managers coordinate all functional aspects of project team initiati...
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[Vietnam] C/JVM/J2ME Developer
Location: Vietnam - Full-time Opened on: May 9, 2014 Job Description: Developing firm...
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Seeking advice on developing a basic expert system
Hi all, I have identified a requirement in my company for a knowledge base and I am looking for hel...
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I have a confession
Ive been programming in c++ for about 2 years now... and your not going to believe me.. but i have n...
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C++ Tutoring
Hi all, If anyone is planning to go to university and study C++ this coming school term, I'm offe...
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by ensch
c++ teacher via mail wanted
need c++ intermediate teacher to give and check c++ exercises. paid via paypal 20 usd an hour.
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C++ Tutoring available
If you are looking for tutoring in c/c++ programming, I can help you at a reasonable cost. Send me a...
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C++ jobs in New York
Hi everyone! I work for a leading financial technology staffing firm based in New York City, and we'...
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Looking to refer someone to a tutor
Hi all, I'm tutoring students in C++ - several already and I recently came across a student that ...
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Software Engineer Post - UK
Software Engineer Post Information : Location : United Kingdom Salary : Competitive Qualifica...
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[KMS Technology] Looking for Senior DBA
Location: Vietnam - Full-time Opened on: July 08, 2014 Experience in design and workin...
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