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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the jobs forum in! In this forum, recruiters can post job offers for free. Ple...
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teamm (1,2,3)
me and my friend are looking for a c++ beginners team which we can teach all each other (maybe skype...
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Ohjelmistokehittäjiä (Software Engineers)
Nyt vahvistamme onsite-tiimiämme ja haemme ohjelmistokehittäjiä Päätehtäväsi on toimia ...
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Lead Programmer for Strategy RPG
Hi, We are a small indie game developer with a decentralized structure. We are developing a fantasy...
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Looking for C++ Jobs
Hi , I currently working In oops concept but not really Core C++. but i want to change my ca...
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by katkov
Требуется программист со знанием архитектуры mesh сетей
Требуется программист со знанием архитектуры mesh сетей...
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by hypsin
Looking for a Java tutor!!
I am looking for a Java tutor asap to help with a small programming that involves graphics user inte...
[1 reply] : I'm definitely not a Java expert, but I will do my best! I've sent yo... (by Little Captain)
Looking for a C++ Tutor
Hi there, I'm looking for a C++ tutor, I'm going through my first year in University where I am tryi...
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Full-stack team of it-professionals (Web, GameDev, Enterprise) is searching for a challenging project.
We are interested in financial or ecommerce projects, game and multimedia projects or even projects ...
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by anin
C++ or C# Developer with GINA experience
Description The end client is seeking to build a password reset capability into the Windows 8 logi...
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C++ Programmer for Kennedy Space Center Job - PAID
Location: Kennedy Space Center, FL - ONSITE Requirements: US Citizenship, ability to commute to...
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Project Switching
Hi, I need some help. I one+ year experience. I am working in development. Now I am working 3 prod...
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by BaneX
Looking for a c++ tutor ($$$)
I'm currently taking my first c++ introductory class, although i'm understanding the basics of c++ q...
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BAE Systems is looking for an excellent C++ Software Engineer in New Malden, UK!
C++ Software Engineer BAE Systems Maritime - Naval Ships encompasses complex ship design, buil...
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Cloud Computing Integration Engineer
BAE Systems is looking for a Cloud Computing Integration Engineer in New Malden, UK Cloud Comp...
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by haha01
C++ Code need complite it
hey i want complite this code please help me what code is do is disable the Accelertion of the mo...
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BAE Systems is looking for a C++ Software Engineer in New Malden, UK
C++ Software Engineer BAE Systems Maritime - Naval Ships encompasses complex ship design, build ...
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Dll injecting , c++
So this game I'm trying to inject my dll in to anti-cheat is hiding the arma2oa.exe process. It bloc...
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Lead C++ Developer / Senior C++ Software Engineer (3D VC++ OpenGL) – Munich - Visasponsoring
Market leading software house is seeking a skilled Senior C++ Developer to lead a small team in arch...
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by katkov
Требуется талантливый программист на C++/Qt
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