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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than pr...
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C++ Weekly - Ep 237 - Teach Yourself C++ in ∞ Days
C++ expert explains how he learned C++ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUQz4LBBz7M
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Bad/Dad jokes
Post your 1-liner's. Circular linked lists are making a comeback.
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Projects for Resume?
There's like 10000 of these posts all over, but I was wondering what you guys think in particular. ...
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Zero Login
So who else here has actually checked out the white paper for this? Found here: https://www.secura.c...
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Need help with coding
I am currently new to computer programming and I have to write a program for my class. I need to wri...
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Complaints Obviously (1,2)
SO! I didn't realize I'd be complaining this soon into the semester. My math professor turns out to...
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Math question permutations vs exponentiation
Hi guys, so really dumb question here but I thought I'd ask it anyway, what is the difference betwe...
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Possible Error in C++ Tututorial
I am wondering if the following, from the Constants page of the C++ language tutorial might be an er...
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Software Testing
https://www.amazon.com/Modern-Programming-Test-Driven-Development-Better/dp/1937785483 Whether this...
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Unsure about what a boolean logic symbol means
Hi, In boolean algebra, specifically dealing with simplifying expressions, what does ' represent? ...
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New Boost version, update Visual Studio directories
New boost version (1.74) and now I need to add the include and lib library directories to Visual Stu...
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CppCast: STX
Rob and Jason are joined by Basit Ayantunde. They first discuss a blog post on plain old data types ...
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Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners
Rob and Jason are joined by Slobodan Dmitrović. They first discuss a new C++ compiler from NVIDIA t...
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Note to site admin
I've just noticed that Chrome was telling me the site was not secured. I took a little look and it s...
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Unit testing with C++
I just finished up a internship, and during this internship, I wrote a lot of unit tests for JavaScr...
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Setting up GNU Nano on Windows
I'd like to set up Nano on Windows, but I'm not sure how can I do that. I've seen some guides, but t...
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CppCast: Visual Effects
Rob and Jason are joined by Josh Filstrup from Netflix. They first discuss an update to wxWidgets an...
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Need help with VS Code
I've been using VS Code for a couple of weeks and really like. However, with latest 1.47.1 release ...
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Can I run graphics.h in the graphics card?
I noticed you can select "Run application in graphics card" in windows, so what if I made a graphics...
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