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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than pr...
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Search for kids.
Hi guys, I'm a 12 year old on this forum, a 7th grader in Middle School, actively posting. I want...
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Advice on Ruby
I think of starting to learn Ruby language. Any books, sources, recommendations? I truly need advice...
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Wondering about if statements
Hello Guys, I am making a text adventure game, that uses a lot of classes, and definitely if stat...
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64 bit compiler for Windows 7
I know this question gets asked allot but mine is very specific. I have been using Codeblocks with a...
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The computer chip
I have tried to GOOGLE on how a computer chip actually works, but I never really found anything. I s...
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OCD with coding (1,2,3)
Hey who else here is a little OCD when they are coding. I hear that you kind of have to be when you'...
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My favourite article so far!
I've just read this article and it's changed so much. I wanted to share it, I know it's on Hacker Ne...
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Just how much work would throwing in an ssh library in my code be? else need creative help.
I have been given free reign to code any thing I like with a media layer library at uni, just so lon...
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Little off topic
Do anyone facing the problem with unity 3.5 game engine that the unity is not loading the 3d ground ...
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Picking a web framework - NodeJS vs Django vs Rails
Hi guys, Was wanting to start learning a web framework while I'm in school, and I'm trying to fig...
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by xismn
Teaching C++. Thoughts?
Hello, While I don't know everything (I would say, not nearly enough) about C++, I've been thinking...
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by axtyax
Neural Network in c++
So I built a basic neural network in c++, but it was completely infested with memory related bugs, s...
[4 replies] Last: http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/vector/vector/at/ Or you may defin... (by ne555)
Request for thread removals
I have been asked to have the code written in response to my threads removed from the site as soon a...
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Leetcode Silliness
So I was looking at some reviews for a company I would like to work for- one of the reviews mentione...
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Allowed website useage for studying, please.
Hello everyone I have a question for answering: Is a website's information, tutorials, reference, a...
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AAARGHHHH!!!!! I am done with SFML, it is driving me crazy. Someone PLEASE help me!!! Sooo... ...
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Encryption Machine (1,2)
Hi, fellow coders of cplusplus.com! I have created a simple program that takes in input from a user,...
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Suggestions to build up GitHub profile?
As I am finishing up my second year of computer science, I want to get a start on expanding my portf...
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Class with loop
hello Can you help me How to create a class with loop? Given: 5 multiply it by itself and 5 ti...
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