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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than pr...
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Whats the point of social networking? (1,2,3)
Honestly, I do not understand why people use social networking. What is one thing about social netwo...
[53 replies] Last: I am sort of creeped out about facebook. Its purpose is to spy on you... (by htirwin)
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Any math wizards out there?
Here is the formula I was given by a coworker. He asked if I could solve for x. y = tan(x) - (x*...
[4 replies] Last: Just out of curiosity, what are your measurement units? Your equation... (by tition)
by Duoas
Never trust update
Alas, I just hosed my MinGW. Never, never trust 'update'. (Now I'm trying to figure out how to...
[10 replies] Last: They're more trouble than they're worth. (by kbw)
Linking in VS 2013
I recently got Windows 7 and I can't get visual studio to link for the life of me. Trying to get ...
[3 replies] Last: One more thing, sfml-main. I'm not linking to it, it gets named the s... (by Z e r e o)
Alcoholism, otc abuse and dependency
For the last 7 or 8 months I've made some seriously bad decisions. Posting this on a public forum mi...
[14 replies] Last: Yeah! Keep it up! :O) (by Duoas)
Help please.
So i'm a beginner at C++ and when I master it i'm looking forward to exploiting. Let's use gaming f...
[16 replies] Last: Also, you're going to need lots of goto statements. And pointers to p... (by MikeyBoy)
Anyone know a C++ CMD Console?
It would read commands and initialize them using Command Prompt?
[2 replies] Last: do you mean a c++ repl interpreter? like what python has? (by Little Bobby Tables)
License plate scanners (1,2)
Has anybody seen this? http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2013/07/17/license-plate-scanners-ac...
[30 replies] Last: Indeed it is, but just because it is privilege doesn't imply that the... (by Disch)
by Disch
Tom & Jerry were pure genius
The title sums it up. Just look at this 25 second clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOp8aL37dQ8...
[15 replies] Last: @ Disch : Zig and Sharko? It's on Netflix, it's more senseless violen... (by Computergeek01)
How does the OS keep control
I only know the basics about the core of program's and operating systems so at the moment I can't re...
[5 replies] Last: Back in the DOS days (when I actually screwed around with this stuff) ... (by Esslercuffi)
I have been looking at the COBOL language and have quite a few questions. 1. What the heck doe...
[10 replies] Last: COBOL was designed to run batch programs where data was held in magnet... (by kbw)
How to connect to iPhone via C++?
I know nothing about iDevices, but I'm talking about apps like vShare or Jailbreak Setups. How do th...
[4 replies] Last: helios is right. As of now, and probably for the foreseeable future, t... (by geniusberry)
by anely
C++ Please Help
2. Write a program to act as a Russian Peasant Multiplication Calculator. This program should allow ...
[3 replies] Last: This should go under the Beginners section, I think you can edit the t... (by EssGeEich)
by lasote
Biicode as c++ dependency manager
If anyone is interested in a modern-cloud way to manage the c++ dependencies of his project I recomm...
[4 replies] Last: This actually looks really cool. Reminds me a lot of Gradle or Maven. ... (by ResidentBiscuit)
by helios
What's the name of that property...?
...where if B is-an A, then List<B> is-a List<A>?
[4 replies] Last: Covariance, that's the one. Thanks. (by helios)
An interesting optimization that really does make a difference
I know for some that this will seem obvious, but I wanted to share something that I found quite surp...
[10 replies] Last: The only time that should make a difference is if your tiles hold more... (by LB)
Failing Searches on the site?
Hey guys, For some reason, at around 7 pm (central time) almost everyday, I constantly get failed...
[2 replies] Last: You're probably right, I guess. It just struck me as weird because I'd... (by geniusberry)
Does anyone know how easy it will be to build a plugin for excell that..
Displays the inputed data in a certain way? I got a job to do, heres the description: Can yo...
[5 replies] Last: No, this is not easy at all outside of VB Script. Anything from the MS... (by Computergeek01)
What's the name of a program that help you with "other stuff"?
I mean: (Example) I downloaded exceltocsv.exe . When I making my lovely thousand lines of code, I ...
[5 replies] Last: @coder777 Not only this case, but like "sendemail.exe yahoo_smtp addre... (by iQChange)
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