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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than pr...
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Uncertainty with fairly old webpages
A webpage on oocities.org immediately downloaded a MIDI sequence to my PC. I believe the webpage is ...
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The law and photography
Apologies if this enquiry seems trivial. I just want to avoid making my own assumption when acknowle...
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by zapshe
C# has made me sad :(
*sigh* I've been coding in C# exclusively for the past 1-2 weeks in order to get more familiar with ...
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Calulators digitial signature was not present?
Hey guys, so for the past couple of days I suspected that I had malware on my pc so I decided to fo...
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SQL format
Via notepad i can write sql scripts like below: create table recipient ( id bigint(20) not null...
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Visual Studio 2019 help
I wasn't sure where else to go. I've searched the internet for a Visual Studio 2019 IDE community h...
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reporting vulgarity in the forum (1,2)
I have received vulgarity from someone called "dutch" responding to a simple question... I reported ...
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Maximum storage
While PCs have a storage limit, is there a second storage limit which you would strongly advise some...
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CppCast: SYCL 2020
Rob and Jason are joined by Michael Wong from CodePlay. They first discuss GCC 11 changing its defau...
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Hey guys, so we all know that every language has primitives C++ has - int,bool,double,long,short,...
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Data protection
I have some enquiries regarding Data protection online. 1) In fear of people such as employers acqu...
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CppCast: Azure IoT
Rob and Jason are joined by Tara Walker from Microsoft. They first discuss the results of JetBrains ...
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good vs bad
This question is a little subjective, but what makes one programmer good and the other bad?
[15 replies] Last: A good programmer is one who programmers think is good. It's no diffe... (by kbw)
by helios
About file management (1,2)
Do you think there's any value in a file management system that lets you have distinct entries in th...
[24 replies] Last: I said it more as an insult to him being old! Whatever it is now is ... (by zapshe)
Join a hackathon. yes or no?
Is joining a hackathon a good practice? I found this one. https://bit.ly/privacyhackathon
[10 replies] Last: I'm a graduate of Information Technology No, I'm Spartacus a gradu... (by Furry Guy)
Microsoft: Rust Is the Industry’s ‘Best Chance’ at Safe Systems Programming (1,2)
No matter how much investment software companies may put into tooling and training their developers...
[20 replies] Last: Microsoft's modus operandi has been "Embrace, Expand, Exterminate" sin... (by Norm Gunderson)
by zapshe
Visual Studio - Connecting a Library
When I wanted to link Visual Leak Detector, I did something magical and whenever I want to #include ...
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CppCast: Move Semantics
Rob and Jason are joined by author and ISO committee member Nico Josuttis. They first discuss a blog...
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Identify this song in video
Does anyone recognize the music in this video? I can't get music recognition software to identify it...
[3 replies] Last: I've made several youtube videos, and I go through tons of generic mus... (by zapshe)
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