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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than pr...
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Pro-life Or Pro-choice? (1,2,3)
I've been getting into some heated debates on this. Curious to see what you guys think. I myself am ...
[40 replies] Last: Even if we consider it a human, it's similar to a human in a vegetativ... (by zapshe)
Help, please! (1,2)
So far me have procrastinated my way to mid University, don't let me ruin my streak of un-suspected ...
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Animate merely with the power of thought
Hello, forum, as the technology which harnesses the power of the human mind exponentially advances,...
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OtakuSenpai's Discord Channel
If anyone is interested there is a casual discord channel that I would like to invite anyone to: htt...
[3 replies] Last: I know Discord is for gaming. I don't know who OtakuSpenpai is. Hence,... (by talos)
What a well written car chase
XX ノ
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by Ang
KtxMnu - can you rate it?
KtxMnu stands for Context Menu. It installs a submenu to your right click context menu for the windo...
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One may say they make them die sooner
Should this post be where you invest slight time I implore you to ignore the rhyme take this as an o...
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Codechef - don't waste your time?
So, yet another CC problem has been trashed by the OP, and what replies remain are disjoint and mean...
[12 replies] Last: My own theory is that CC is about finding OCD/Psychopaths who can hack... (by Niccolo)
When my cat wants more attention than I'm offering... (1,2,3)
I'm coding, focused, busy. My tabby is in my lap, clawing at my shirt and gnawing at my arm. ...
[46 replies] Last: There is a difference in temperament between male and female cats, neu... (by Furry Guy)
Meta classes and their perceived uselessness
From what I’ve heard, they(honestly don’t ask who XD) have been saying that in c++20 meta classe...
[2 replies] Last: No I have not. That is actually exactly what I was looking for, thank ... (by highwayman)
Weird javascript problem
I have some javascript function calls in my product descriptions content. Now whenever I go to e...
[1 reply] : So your original "html" (javascript in a script tag?) was a single fun... (by dutch)
Professors Behaving Badly?
These last few weeks have had two notable examples of staff misconduct at the University level. And ...
[10 replies] Last: You know what would be great? If a site had an unsatisfied out of stu... (by highwayman)
Has anyone played with Windows Subsystem for Linux?
Having finally gotten my system running with Windows 10 64-bit I’m a pretty happy camper. I lik...
[6 replies] Last: I will probably install as per the link keskiverto shared, just to p... (by Duthomhas)
Substitute for C++ for AAA video gaming?
As far as I know, C++ is the lingua franca of AAA gaming. While most AAA games are made through game...
[15 replies] Last: Maybe D. But things don't have widespread adoption. I'd love for D t... (by talos)
The Enlarging Square. (1,2)
Hello forum, In order to get Square to size "X" it can be enlarged like so: Square->setScale(1...
[27 replies] Last: It's almost like making them learn visual basic.net is delaying there ... (by closed account DLw0Djzh)
by Ang
Password Locket (1,2)
Hello cplusplus community, My company ShanKoDev has recently developed a small but highly effecti...
[39 replies] Last: I've only skimmed this long thread, but I want to point out something ... (by dhayden)
rant about microsoft
if this is the place where I can talk about some pet peeve, you see I have this brand new laptop wi...
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Spam report messages
Does anyone read them? Does it matter that I just hit a few random dfqr with my left hand with my r...
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At the third stroke, it will be 12:30:00 precisely
Curiosity about this forum's clock drift. Edit: 12:33:00 Last edited on Jun 26, 2019 at 12:38pm Ed...
[2 replies] Last: The drift has been getting worse over time. Some months ago it use to ... (by zapshe)
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