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by admin
Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the Windows forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic related t...
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win32 - how can i put a child control transparent?
please someone correct me very. i readed several texts about doing a child control transparent, but...
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by RaduV
Toolbar button stays pressed (win32)
When I click and drag a toolbar button it stays pressed when it should be unpressed when I release t...
[3 replies] Last: Has anyone here ever made a toolbar in win32? Because this seems to be... (by RaduV)
by Broken
Need to read graphic interface, please help new guy :D
Hey guys, i am glad i found this community and i hope i will learn a lot from you. I got some progra...
[1 reply] : Ah come on guys, nothing ? (by Broken)
About Turbo C++
Is turbo C++ better than Microsoft C++. Can we create 32 bit or 64 bit exe files with Turbo C++. Wha...
[2 replies] Last: In their day (which was a long, long time ago), Borland's products wer... (by freddie1)
by ajh32
CListCtrl & sort icons
I have a CListCtrl in a CDialog on which I capture the ON_NOTIFY message LVN_COLUMNCLICK, and then...
[4 replies] Last: I have decided to write a small CMFCListCtrl extension class that ov... (by ajh32)
Winsock Acronyms
I'm working on some Winsock code and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where I can find definition...
[1 reply] : The MSDN documentation for winsocket: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-u... (by coder777)
by Kalist
CreateRemoteThread - ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED
I think my code is finally working now. Only problem is that for some reason, even though I've opene...
[2 replies] Last: Hello, First thing I would like to check is are you running your test... (by veridetour91)
Read CMD-Output
Hey, I want to send data from one pc to another one using sockets. But that'a not the Problem ;)...
[4 replies] Last: That's a bad way to solve the problem. Use pipes instead - it won't be... (by S G H)
by Kalist
What's the difference GetProcAddress() and CreateRemoteThread()?
Now as I understand it, GetProcAddress links a DLL function into the current process memory, and the...
[1 reply] : 'GetProcAddress()' simply tells you where a function can be found with... (by Computergeek01)
by Kalist
Can't get CreateRemoteThread() to work
I'm having trouble getting the CreateRemoteThread function to work, I've followed tutorials and they...
[1 reply] : What about this isn't working? If you find that "calc.exe" is crashing... (by Computergeek01)
Firstly, i would like to apologize for posting here,the reason being i coudnt login to java forum (a...
[4 replies] Last: This is a C++ forum. (by helios)
by Kalist
How to call a function within DLL?
This is what I have, what am I doing wrong? #include <windows.h> void test(){ MessageBox...
[15 replies] Last: Did I write it wrong? That depends on what you intended to do. The co... (by helios)
WinApi vs standard library?
Hello every one! If I wanted to do sth in winapi app, is it better to use standard library or win...
[5 replies] Last: Ok, sorry for that slang and thank you for replay, guys. So it's safe ... (by TheHardew)
by Massi
Parse PDF file
Dear Forum, Is there any library or way to parse PDF file with C++?? I have tried to use PoDoF...
[8 replies] Last: [quote=chipp]btw, just curious, why you want to parse pdf files? [quo... (by Grey Wolf)
How do I add a shellexecute function opening program with appendmenu function? a
How do I use the shellexecute function with the appendmenu function to open a program? These are ...
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Writing C++ on a Windows Computer
Hello, curious question. I want to practice some C++ before college just to get the feel of the lang...
[7 replies] Last: If you're looking for a really clean text editor there is Sublime Text... (by giblit)
How can i make my program call a function in the moment when an item is chosen from a combo box list?
I just made a combo box that is contained inside a Rebar control. The combo box is designed to conta...
[1 reply] : Never mind. I figured it out. (by SomeAmazingGuy)
by dmradu
printer spool app
hi! Can you help me with a simple app? i want an app that will interact between the print button an...
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Any tutorials for making a GUI in visual c++ or netbeans?
Hello, I am trying to make a gui for something i'm working on in visual studio. I have made tons a...
[1 reply] : The reason one 'seems' to make GUIs with a header file (windows.h) is ... (by freddie1)
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