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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the Windows forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic related t...
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Trouble installing XLNT library (1,2)
Hello everyone, I am writing code which requires reading stuff from xls files and I settled on us...
[22 replies] Last: Thanks Freddie, for me this COM code looks to complicated and messy. I... (by Thomas1965)
how can i use c++ to create professional windows application
hello friends ^_^ first of all thanks for creating this community. i just learned c++ and i can pro...
[8 replies] Last: @freddie1 so you recommend using cross platform GUIs, right? but why... (by freddie1)
Windows template problem
Hi, I'm trying to create a template file for my OpenGL projects so I don't have to create them e...
[1 reply] : Hi, I need to edit the template file. I change all the ReplaceParame... (by Fractal Cat)
by sed2
Difficulty using GetExitCodeProcess
Hello guys, i would like to do a program that check if a program named MyProg.exe is running in back...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for the replies. I move this post to the Windows Programming. A... (by sed2)
the file opens with an error
Several times per day, I use MS Access 2007. Only today, something has happened to the database, and...
[2 replies] Last: if your database file is corrupted, you may have to restore it from yo... (by jonnin)
by i773
How could I build my project in command line with visual studios settings for Include directories?
I'm building my project with nmake and I would like to include my dependencies from my visual studio...
[1 reply] : I occasionally use nmake, and I've always kept all the files in the sa... (by freddie1)
Is it possible to sample an input texture in a Direct2D vertex shader?
I am trying to sample from an input texture in a vertex shader in a Direct2D effect that distorts th...
[2 replies] Last: This is what I'm trying to use in my vertex shader: float2 ... (by RevDrSquash)
OpenGL libraries with Clang compiler
I'm trying to allow the Clang C++ compiler to use OpenGL libraries on Windows 8.1 but can't get it t...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks for the help but I still cannot make it work. I tried: D:\dow... (by uranium)
Reading Binary file of Matlab in C++
Hello everyone, I wrote my code in Matlab and created a binary file.Now I am trying to transfer t...
[4 replies] Last: I think matlab will just write flat doubles back to back for this stat... (by jonnin)
windows programming
i am new. my question is very basic . What should I do first to program windows. i learning c lang...
[6 replies] Last: i m not understood .what thou say? (by altayim)
window not loading opengl context
#include <Windows.h> #include <gl/GL.h> #include "Entity.h" #include "Player.h" LRESULT CAL...
[1 reply] : Fixed, I forgot to bind windowhandle with dc, but using GetDC. If you... (by DirtyBlasion)
by dami81
Problem with Files Listing on windows
Hi all of you guys , i want to make a listing programe that lists specific folder files into a tex...
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Can't multiply matrices
Hey, I am having some trouble multipliyng matrices, here is my code. for(int i=0;i<n;i++){ for(i...
[2 replies] Last: If there is a really, really bad condition factor you could get a "wro... (by jonnin)
by gho
program proxy
Hi. I'm trying to write a simple program proxy that, once replaced to some executable file, provide...
[2 replies] Last: Good, I'll try it, thanks. (by gho)
run .exe file to another laptop
Hello, I have an application that I made using netbeans 8.1.2 in my Window 10 laptop. I then try...
[4 replies] Last: cygwin can be VERY large (depends on what you choose when installing).... (by jonnin)
by Gabe14
CheckBox SFML
Good morning, I apologize in advance if I have missed the section I wrote. I am now approaching SFM...
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C++ dll DEBUG mode works - RELEASE mode doesn't
C++ dll DEBUG mode works - RELEASE mode doesn't Hi all, I have written this C++ dll in Visual Stud...
[1 reply] : For a better debugging and code detection there are many programs that... (by benhart)
Program works only using a breakpoint in debug
This code only seems to work if I set a breakpoint where I set lClick to true. In global.h: ...
[4 replies] Last: Taking care of those kind of errors is really important and it can ste... (by benhart)
by PacR
Problems with transparency.
Hello i tried to draw one bitmap on top of another, but the bitmap that is on top have a tint of bot...
[3 replies] Last: msimg32.lib is the Visual Studio specific library name needed when u... (by FurryGuy)
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