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by admin
Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the Windows forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic related t...
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by Magic8
Question for program?
Hello! I am very new to c++ programming and I would like to write a program where you would put in a...
[1 reply] : Post what you have so far using the code tags (the "<>" from right sid... (by codewalker)
by teslaa
Windows GINA question
So I am using a custom GINA built off the back of the Microsoft's Windows Vista/7 sample credential ...
[1 reply] : You're just asking for trouble, trying to mess around with GINA. You ... (by kbw)
WASAPI: Microphone -> Speakers stream
Hey everyone, i wrote a program that streams the microphone input directly to the speakers. The p...
[4 replies] Last: I think i found the error. The Audio Endpoint device uses six channels... (by Thanatos)
by RE9741
Defining a variable from textbox input in VC++
Basically, I am making a simple windows form application in C++ that calculates the area and circumf...
[3 replies] Last: Very interesting topic. Hope this WinForms textbox control can be of s... (by Arthurabc)
gamming with c++
Aright I am in the process of making a game and I already have a basic consol base game but now I wa...
[5 replies] Last: If you are willing to go the OpenGL path, make sure to find 'modern' t... (by NT3)
Rieman Zeta Function Program?
Hello All, I realize this problem in particular will be difficult to answer for anyone without a str...
[1 reply] : Your program is fine. The series on which the function is based is con... (by fun2code)
64-bit double to int conversion
Hello all, I ran into a strange problem I cannot explain, although I am an experienced C++ progra...
[3 replies] Last: On ARM, when you convert a NaN (Not-a-Number) floating point value t... (by tath)
How to use Font^ as a variable in a C++ program ?
I would have a quick question : What do I have to include into a visual C++/CLR project to be able ...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you booradley60 for the suggestions. The only problem is that wh... (by UtherPendragon17)
by PacR
cannot convert from 'System::String ^' to 'System::String'
FILE * myfile1 = fopen ( System::String(textBox1->Text) ,"rb" ); error C2440: '<function-style-...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you anmol2701 & UtherPendragon17 both of your answers is correct... (by PacR)
Shell script runs launched by cmd.exe, crashes launched by code
Hi, I'm doing a GUI for a research lab. They have a heavy-processing shell script that is very us...
[1 reply] : Problem solved. Easy solution: I had to launch the .exe generated ins... (by Mansurji)
Visual C++ 2010 Express Text file help
Hello, I am currently trying to create a simple form which allows the user to choose the file name a...
[1 reply] : Im new to this and i might not be right but when you see error like th... (by PacR)
VC++: writting in txt file (trouble in loop While).
Hi, I'm wanting insert text in a txt file, but I'm having troubles. When I execute the program txt i...
[2 replies] Last: copy and paste text from your compiler debug section , we need to know... (by PacR)
windows.h function SetCurrentConsoleFontEx() is missing from windows.h?
I have been tasked to write a windows program using nothing but the console(no window) and the windo...
[5 replies] Last: @Computergeek01: If I remember correctly, I used mingw-get which insta... (by Null)
Error in release version of cURL example
I apologise for asking another question. I was helped in getting cURL to work in this question: ht...
[3 replies] Last: I also encountered this problem, and if i compile c-ares as static lib... (by monikavier)
Reading from the Excel file to the console
Okay, so I can save data from the program to the excel file. But now, I want it to appear on the con...
[2 replies] Last: 1) Use the "code" tag to post code, its easier to read for forum membe... (by codewalker)
by thil13
"Expression must have class type" error with Binary Tree class
Here is my code sample for my program: int main() { string word; BinaryTree Address(); ifstream...
[17 replies] Last: Well, it works on my end, so I don't know what's going on on your end.... (by long double main)
'GetTickCount64' was not declared in this scope
Hello, I have been researching this without stop for about 8 hours now and am at my wits end! I ...
[8 replies] Last: You are a life saver! Thank you Modoran! I downloaded that version of... (by DarthCaniac)
Visual Studio Solutions 'n Projects
Can I use VS solutions like this: We assume that I have some game idea and I create some projects f...
[2 replies] Last: OK, thanks. (by dleanjeanz)
Class Problems
I have been trying to figure out how to use classes, I looked at the references and believe I have u...
[4 replies] Last: if you put bool Mail1 = true; or similar in class declaration then t... (by codewalker)
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