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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the Windows forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic related t...
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'GetTickCount64' was not declared in this scope
Hello, I have been researching this without stop for about 8 hours now and am at my wits end! I ...
[8 replies] Last: You are a life saver! Thank you Modoran! I downloaded that version of... (by DarthCaniac)
VC++: writting in txt file (trouble in loop While).
Hi, I'm wanting insert text in a txt file, but I'm having troubles. When I execute the program txt i...
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Visual Studio Solutions 'n Projects
Can I use VS solutions like this: We assume that I have some game idea and I create some projects f...
[2 replies] Last: OK, thanks. (by dleanjeanz)
Class Problems
I have been trying to figure out how to use classes, I looked at the references and believe I have u...
[4 replies] Last: if you put bool Mail1 = true; or similar in class declaration then t... (by codewalker)
I need some advice on how to start developing a voxel game
So I dont know where to start on making a game. Iv`e heard voxel games are easier to make, and I wan...
[1 reply] : I personally disagree. Yes, minecraft voxel style is easy to create. T... (by Toggy11)
Select items from combobox
Hello. I have 3 items in a combobox and for the first one , when i select it i want to receive an e...
[5 replies] Last: use messagebox to display the message http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us... (by anmol2701)
Reading from the Excel file to the console
Okay, so I can save data from the program to the excel file. But now, I want it to appear on the con...
[1 reply] : Sorry for the late reply. I am not very clear with the "console" that ... (by hongdida)
Detect key "Enter" in textBox
I hope to make something like this: In a form and only one text box in it User can type things in ...
[4 replies] Last: You have to specify ES_WANTRETURN so the edit control input doesn't te... (by kbw)
Help with threading?
I know that to create a thread, you call: CreateThread() Well... I don't exactly know where to go...
[13 replies] Last: Directing the user to change the IDE/compiler and use std::thread with... (by modoran)
OpenGL glRectf() Not Working!!!
Hi, I am learning basics of OpenGL & I am attempting to use: glRectf() function to draw a basic R...
[4 replies] Last: Okay, You are right, it was actually my graphics driver rather than th... (by OrionMaster)
Can someone please explain this statement?
Hello am working with Unreal Engine 4 i was just wondering. Can anyone please explain this statemen...
[3 replies] Last: nullptr is C++11. I still haven't updated so I'll explain it in C++03 ... (by Stewbond)
Visual C++ 2010 Express Text file help
Hello, I am currently trying to create a simple form which allows the user to choose the file name a...
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How to combine console based application with dialog based app visual studio c++
I have an mfc application and it is a simple dialog box that takes in user input and stores that inf...
[2 replies] Last: You can create consoles in a gui app and windows in a console app. Che... (by ahcfan)
Windows Media Player (wmp)
Does anybody know how to subdue Windows Media Player? When I open a folder, a program or a file wmp ...
[1 reply] : Thank you guys and Zwilu! I found how to do it: windows > tools > opti... (by zwiluwu)
by zsteve
Strange behaviour of CreateWindowEx within hiearchy causes VTable corruption?
Hi all, I am working on an object-oriented wrapper class hierarchy for the Win32 GUI API. I have b...
[4 replies] Last: @ OP: I told you why, did you bother to read the site I linked to? You... (by Computergeek01)
by Isi62
Check OS health status
Hi, I would like to know what is the most reliable way of checking system health status remotely....
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for reply, how do I implement this using C++? Through a lot o... (by Computergeek01)
by TTNH03
Is there a way to play/pause and stop video using C++
Hello there, I was wondering if you guys know how to use play/pause and stop videos using the comma...
[4 replies] Last: There we go, I moved it to the Windows Forum. I'll take a look at the ... (by TTNH03)
Extremely hard to get visual c++ 2010 working with directx
i have been trying for almost 2 weeks to get visual c++ 2010 to work with directx. Does anyone else ...
[3 replies] Last: I used the Microsoft directx sdk june 2010 which book used. it woul... (by CodeGoggles)
Problem with Virtual keys
Ok so here's the deal. I have been working with directX and I am trying to get the geometry to move ...
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