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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the Windows forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic related t...
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Image Layers in Windows
I wish to create a dual-layer image in a window. The bottom (underlying) layer would be an image lo...
[10 replies] Last: Well, GDI+ is known for being slow. So it's probably better to use GDI... (by coder777)
by habib9
random number didvide by user input
The client will put a contribution between 2-10! Interim my interface will create an arbitrary/rando...
[2 replies] Last: Try this code: #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> #include <iostre... (by anachronon)
[Wlanapi] WLAN_NOTIFICATION_MSM NotificationCode 59
Hi, I'm working on a small Wifi tool using wlanapi in vs2019. I'm outputting the wlan notificati...
[6 replies] Last: About all I was able to find via digging is that this is a 32 bit tool... (by jonnin)
by bld
Running an .exe file
Hello, I've been experimenting with the MinGW C++ compiler recently. So I made a simple 'Hello, Worl...
[19 replies] Last: You are fine to put c:\mingw\bin in the path variable. But if you use ... (by lastchance)
by Amey18
Using CPR library for asynchronous http post request
Hello folks, I am using a cpr lib for making a post request to the REST endpoint. I am sending some...
[2 replies] Last: you are probably stuck. remote apis have a fixed interface and you s... (by jonnin)
Initializing a Child Window
In a program that I am creating, a child window loads an image file and displays the image. However...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks Freddie1. My trick worked! I was looking to do more than ju... (by anachronon)
Windows File Buffering
Afternoon, all, I am in the process of reading up about windows file buffering; disk files, to be s...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for getting back to me on this, coder777 . And a nice artic... (by ByteCode)
Child Window with Child Scrollbars
Little by little, this project is coming together. I now wish to use child scrollbars to scroll a c...
[7 replies] Last: Say, anachronon, if I don't answer any posts for a couple days it'll b... (by freddie1)
Please Help Me To Do This !!
Hello Every One ☺ Please Help Me To Do This ( 64 times ) I Want Only Using ( For Loop And Arra...
[11 replies] Last: @anachronon Really, my derivation was just basic Algebra. Ok brot... (by mostakim hamza)
by poop13
Is it possible to make and clear a group of HWNDs on winapi?
For example, let's say I want to make 2 buttons, a button displays a few windows when clicked and so...
[7 replies] Last: Most of the microsoft's pre-installed programs on windows do have a WM... (by noahehrnstrom)
Windows Subclassing (1,2)
I was wondering if someone could explain the concept of "Windows Subclassing". Or, could someone po...
[28 replies] Last: A few words about managing templates and files within your programs. ... (by freddie1)
Passing String Pointers to Functions
A quick question that I hope is simple. It is a problem that I keep running across. So often, when...
[12 replies] Last: Some Windows functions take pointers to pointers. Any reason for this... (by helios)
by MickH
Stop "Illegal function call" compiler error
Forum - I am trying to print the content(graphical image) in a pictureBox form on a different thread...
[10 replies] Last: Anachronon - sorry for the delayed response; I've been off on other pr... (by MickH)
Unable to change text color
Hi, I have a class called WinConsole which contains several methods including a SetColor and a Creat...
[2 replies] Last: http://www.cplusplus.com/articles/Eyhv0pDG/ (by Furry Guy)
by Nekota
Winreg registry
Hello guys , I have a question. If I will use winreg that to add a program in registry, will be anti...
[12 replies] Last: Here is a short tutorial on how to add a program to the "Startup" list... (by anachronon)
What Is The Proper Way to Format?
I am working with Petzold's "Colors1" program. The program uses three child-window scroll-bars to a...
[7 replies] Last: The code looks fine. wsprintf is a stripped down version of sprint... (by kbw)
How can i add color to just one line / word / letter?
That's my question, how can i add color to just one line / word / letter? Info: win 10 Dev c++ 5....
[3 replies] Last: https://www.learncpp.com/cpp-tutorial/header-files/ (by Furry Guy)
MMOSG development
Hi people! I'm with a problem. I want to create a mmosg so I'm going to use Allegro, SQLAPI ++, and ...
[5 replies] Last: You could design a Plugin System: http://www.cplusplus.com/articles/4... (by Furry Guy)
Program creation with GTK +
Thank you! I want to make a program for windows using GTK + that downloads a file from the internet ...
[1 reply] : If you don't need to do it "by torrent" you might be able to do someth... (by dutch)
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